About us

Wispro is a family-owned business that had its very humble beginnings in 1996 with just a handful of employees and a head full of dreams.

Thanks to dedicated staff, our faithful attention to quality, and widespread consumer support, we have now grown from being the first manufacturer of personal-care products in Uganda to a leading investor in this field in the whole East African region.

We have earned the top President’s Export Awards, become the first in our field to earn the Uganda National Bureau of Standards Q Mark of Quality, and have been recognised by the Uganda Investment Authority as a valuable investor in Uganda.

What has not changed, though, is our commitment to people and the environment – the very same factors which have helped us earn the successes we enjoy today. What’s more is that we are still full of dreams and remain committed to fulfilling the dreams of others.

Personal CARE SINCE 1996

10 + Years of Personal Care For more than 20 years, Wispro has helped people feel good in their own skin. 1 + Personal Care Products Wispro is one of the Uganda’s largest skin care brands with a range of over 50 manufactured products. 0 + Retailers Countrywide We have teamed up with over 30 retailers to enable you to purchase your chosen Wispro products. 50 Animal Testing We are absolutely convinced that animal testing is not necessary for the manufacturing of our products.

From the Founder

I’m very pleased that you had a chance to visit our site! We work hard to produce only high-class products. We value our clients and care about them. I hope you will find a lot of skincare products you’ll like!