Clere Hand Sanitisers- Liquid

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  • Clere Hand Sanitisers reflect the Clere skin care range by Wispro (U) Ltd that have been in the Ugandan market for over 25 years: Highly effective, safe, pleasant to feel, nice to smell, and very affordable.
  • Available in 20 litres


  • Clere hand sanitisers are certified by UNBS and National Drug Authority. They have been developed based on a formula recommended by the WHO.
  • Containing at least 80% alcohol content, Clere hand sanitisers meet medical standards as a presurgical hand preparation and thus work very effectively for all your day-to-day needs.
  • Keep a 60 ml sanitiser gel in your pocket or purse whenever you step out, and keep the 20 litres at home or office for convenient refilling into smaller bottles.
  • With Clere, you do not need to pay more to get a highly effective sanitiser to keep you safe from 99.999% of germs.