List of Retailers

Major Retailers and Wholesalers

We have teamed up with some of your favourite retailers and wholesalers so you can buy Wispro products at a location near you. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch today.

Wispro List of Retailers

Location Retailers
1. &nbsp Ntinda Capital Shoppers
G&R Supermarket
Master Supermarket
Goma Traders
&nbsp &nbsp
2. &nbsp Bukoto Kenjoy Supermarket
&nbsp Allwin Supermarket
&nbsp Fare Deal
&nbsp Zhang Hoa
&nbsp &nbsp
3. &nbsp Kisementi Mellenium 2000 (U) Limited
&nbsp &nbsp
4. &nbsp Kisasi Mojesu Supermarket
&nbsp Rab Lines Supermarket
&nbsp Family Supermarket
&nbsp Sankara Shoppers
&nbsp Cure Spot Pharmacy
5. Kyanja Main Stop
Jartha Supermarket
6. Kiwatule PK Enterprises
Fraine Supermarket
Cynibel Trading Limited
D&M Groceries
Joy Supermarket
JRK Supermarket
7. Namugongo Quality Supermarket
Sewe (U) Limited
EBS Supermarket
KK Shoppers
Kabu Supermarket
8. Nakawa Capital Shoppers
Rashid Shopping Point
Jabril Traders
9. Bugolobi Jazz Supermarket
10. Mbuya Mbuya Shopping Centre
Chello Supermarket
11. Kirombe Likambo Traders
12. Luzira Matry’s Shopping Centre 1
Matry’s Shopping Centre 2
Blessed Supermarket
Portbell Supermarket
13. Yusuf Lule Mega Standard
Capital Shoppers
14.Kampala Road D&M Supermarket
Delight Supplies
15. Ben Kiwanuka Mega Standard
Standard Supermarket
Standard Shop
Easy Save
16. Namirembe Triya Ent Limited
17. Mengo Top Shop
Mengo Shoppers
Sun Mutual
Boxing Supermarket
18. Old Kampala Quality Supermarket
19. Nansana Kenjoy Supermarket
20. Entebbe T&T Supermarket
Kenjoy Supermarket
Outlet Stores
Quality Lubowa
Rab Lines Entebbe Road
Cynibel Trading Limited
Wu Mart
Quality Kitende
Ihangwe Family Shop
Light Shoppers
Kimuli Supermarket
Yomi Shop
Vaincre Pharmacy
S&S Supermarket
21. Salama Road M&B Shoppers
22. Kireka Mwebale Supermarket
23. Bweyogerere Kasawo Wholesalers
Splendid Shoppers
24. Seeta Mulinde Wholesalers
25. Mukono Mulinde Wholesalers
Wandegeya Supermarket
26. Nsambya Embassy Supermarket
27. Kabalagala Maruti Shoppers
Kabalagala Supermarket
Brisk Supermarket
28. Bunga Dollar Supermarket
29. Gayaza Queen’s Supermarket
Vanilla Traders
Malaika Supermarket
Mirembe Supermarket
Alice Supermarket
De Javu Supermarket
30. Wakaliga Nobel Pals Supermarket

Wispro List of Wholesalers

Wholesalers Location
1. &nbsp Maxi Enterprises Uniform Plaza / L1 Shop 10
Telephone : 0752-090131
Kikuubo, Kampala

2. &nbsp Baqara Arrow Complex, Shop D31
Telephone : 0758-775747 / 0700-444241
Kikuubo, Kampala

3. &nbsp Risco Location : People’s Plaza
Telephone : 0772-456888
Arua Park, Kampala