Community Service

Wispro is an active member of the communities where it operates and beyond, which allows the company to learn about the main problems and challenges they face.

We work together with staff, healthcenters, municipalities, community associations and various government entities. The company’s focus is aimed at strengthening community capabilities to manage its resources. Social investment goes beyond philanthropic programs.


  • We have supported orphans with nutrition and tuition fees.
  • We have offered free counselling and blood testing for Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV to hundreds of people in the neighbouring community.
  • We have supported eye surgeries to restore vision in those suffering from cataracts.
  • We give free blood testing and health care to any staff member with Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV.
  • Many of our staff trained as Peer Educators, equipped with information concerning our most pressing health- and social issues.

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